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What Your Aesthetic Core Says About You

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Aesthetic. The term is all over social media. Dark and Light Academia, Cottagecore, Pirate Core, Artsy, Romantic - the list can go on and on. But let's take the two most popular types of aesthetics, Dark/Light Academia and Cottagecore, and break them down to see which one suits you best! Each aesthetic category will be broken down into fashion, lifestyle, music, and movies.

Dark/Light Academia

Fashion is what defines Dark Academia. A typical outfit for this aesthetic would include trousers, black turtlenecks, a blazer, and a pair of leather boots or Oxfords.

Light Academia fashion is very similar. It includes a lot of light neutrals and items like brown leather boots.

The Dark/Light Academic lifestyle is simply gorgeous. Many who live this lifestyle tend to spend most of their days in libraries or museums either romanticizing classic works of literature or studying works of art into great depth.

A classic movie in the Dark/Light Academic world is the Oscar-winning Dead Poets Society. This movie is about a teacher who inspires his students to live life to the fullest and to embrace "Carpe Diem". But when tragedy strikes, his lessons are put to the test. This movie has been loved by many, and for good reason.

Musicals like The Phantom of the Opera are also quite popular due to the dark themes this story explores (though no Cottagecore creature will say they dis-like this story. It's quite transcendent between communities).

Music style ranges from person to person, but almost all can agree that Hoizer, Lorde, Saint Motel, and Classical music are all a staple in the dark/light academic music playlist.


Cottagecore fashion is very vintage-inspired. Looks tend to heavily revolve around books like Anne of Green Gables. It consists of dresses detailed with lace, aprons, and button-up boots.

Photo by J.E Stanway

The lifestyle, simply put, is cozy. Many like to go on nature trails, picking wildflowers to fill vintage pitchers. Another activity that is commonly enjoyed is reading classic novels, such as Anne of Green Gables, watching films like Road to Avonlea, and any Jane Austen work.

Photo by J.E Stanway

A favorite movie choice is in this community is Little Women (2019). It fully captures what the whole aesthetic is about, from its themes of family togetherness to the display of wholesome everyday life moments.

Many Cottagecore enthusiasts love period drama soundtracks, and if they aren't listening to one, then Folklore by Taylor Swift is a prime choice, as it holds a severe forest creature feeling to it that every person in this community yearns for.

Whether you're a Dark Academic or Cottagecore Creature, you'll find your place here at The Postmodern Journal. Make sure to peruse our other articles based around these aesthetics to figure out which one you fit into the most.

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