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Our Starbucks Secret Menu For Autumn

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Photo by Kathryn Houghton

Here at The Postmodern Journal, we're a bunch of caffeine addicts. I myself have been a barista for years now, making my personal coffee addiction even more substantial. How else would we write, edit, and photograph this magazine with any precision? So, in light of the new products currently available in Starbucks' autumn season, our team thought we would share with you our own personal concoctions for the coziest time of the year!

- J.E Stanway, Editor

J.E's Recipe: The Apple Pie Latte

Photo by J.E Stanway

How to Order This Drink (Grande):

  • - Oatmilk latte (or steamer)

  • - 1 Pump Apple Syrup

  • - 1 Pump Cinnamon Dolce syrup

  • - Add Whip

  • - Light Caramel Drizzle

If you've been craving some apple pie/crisp goodness, this latte is for you! I personally prefer it as a steamer, as I'm not a sweetened coffee person, but either way, it is a delight to your tastebuds!

Kathryn's Recipe: Pumpkin Patch Chai

Photo by Kathryn Houghton

How to Order This Drink (Grande):

  • - Iced Chai Latte

  • - Double (espresso shots)

  • - 1 Pump Cinnamon Dolce Syrup

  • - Add Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam

  • - Cinnamon Sprinkled On Top

Nothing says autumn like a little pumpkin delight!

Addison's Recipe: Downton Marathon

Photo by Addison Horsell

How to Order This Drink (Grande):

  • Brewed Earl Grey Tea

  • Light Breve

  • 2 Pumps Cinnamon Dolce Syrup

  • 2 Pumps Vanilla Syrup

  • Cinnamon Sprinkled On Top

Well, Lady Grantham, do you approve?

We hope you'll give these drinks a try! Use the hashtag #PMJrecipes to share your photos of these Starbucks orders with us! And make sure to follow @starbucks on Instagram for updates on their latest products.

Make sure to stay tuned for our Secret Menu items for winter!

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