J.E Stanway


J.E Stanway is the editor/founder of The Postmodern Journal and author of The Fields by my House book series. She has been writing professionally for many years and for websites such as The Silver Petticoat Review and College Times. She is currently self-employed as a freelance writer and ghostwriter. 

Additionally, she manages a Cottagecore aesthetic account on Instagram (@jestanwaywrites) where she frequently promotes her novels and her love for the bygone era. She currently resides in British Columbia, Canada.

Kathryn Houghton

Digital Artist/Writer

Kathryn Houghton is an aspiring digital artist and content creator from a small town in Ohio. She has a strong passion for literature, seeing the world, and capturing small moments. Kathryn believes that everyone has the ability to create something that can touch the hearts and minds of other people - and she tries to do this through her photography, writing, and illustrating.

When she doesn’t have her head in a book, she’s probably talking about books or snapping pictures of them. Her favorite time to indulge in reading is autumn. Maybe it’s the misty mornings or the smell of cinnamon and spices in the air, but it truly elevates the mood. Kathryn’s ideal day would be spent with close friends having an adventure of some sort, then coming home to get cozy with a hot drink, good books, and cheesy TV shows. You can find more of Kathryn's work on her aesthetic account on Instagram (@fieldsofliterature).

Addison Horsell

Digital Artist/Photographer/Writer

Addison Horsell is a multi-media artist and aspiring writer from Central Oregon. Her work revolves around the whimsical beauty found in nature, literature, and eras long gone. The Anne of Green Gables book series has had the greatest influence on her life and ideals out of any literary work. 

Addison continues to channel L.M. Montgomery’s inspiring outlook as she paints, scribbles, and writes. She aims to create visuals conveying thoughts and narratives that bubble out from her own imagination, which is often as vivid and expressive as her own red hair. Because, as many artists would agree, pictures can be poems, too. Addison's other artwork and photography can be found on her account on Instagram (@artbyaddijo).

Micah Peters

Assistant Editor

Micah Peters is a period drama and historical fiction lover living in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. She has a passion for collecting books she’ll likely never read (more recently her reading has been primarily in the form of listening to audiobooks) and watching films and TV shows she’s seen several times. Give her rain or snow and a mug of tea and her day will be made.

She has had the privilege of being the editor of The Fields by my House and An Annafield Girl as well as an upcoming novel by J.E Stanway, her kindred spirit and bosom friend. You can find her photography account on Instagram (@myskyshots), where she shares stunning photos of the sky.